Statement of commitment

We are committed to maintaining the highest health, safety and environmental standards by having a Safety, Health and Environment Management Plan that underpins the importance of the health and safety of all our employees

We commit to adhere to all the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, (Act 85 of 1993), the Regulations promulgated thereto, the Construction Industry Development Board legislation and all other related legislation. We acknowledge that these statutory provisions impose the minimum acceptable standards pertaining to health and safety

We recognise that although employees will carry out certain functions, duties and legal responsibilities in accordance with legislation, this in itself does not relieve the company of its responsibility and accountability in this regard

We acknowledge that an employee has the right to, within reasonable grounds, refuse to carry out a task, which poses an unacceptable danger to himself/ herself or his/her fellow employees.

Giving effect to our commitment

We will provide the necessary leadership, support and resources to our employees in order that the highest health, safety and environmental standards are maintained at all times, and, by giving effect to our commitment, we will: